ATEX/SIL training


In Europe, the use of equipment in potentially explosive areas is governed by the two ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosives.) Directives. The first of these Directive 94/9/EC covers the way equipment is designed and manufactured, the second Directive 99/92/EC covers the way it is installed and maintained.

Our training course serves as an introduction to both Directives. Starting with the basics of how an explosion occurs, the various techniques of Explosion Protection covered by the European standard EN 60079 will be explained and how they can be applied in practical applications. The new codes and regulations will be clarified and marking on equipment will be explained.

Safety SIL

Today there is a growing focus on Functional Safety in the process control industry. Terms like SIL( or Safety Integrity Level) and SIS (Safety Instrumented System) are being used frequently but not everyone is really aware of what they are and what they mean. Our standard training module explores the issues arising from the new IEC EN 61508 standard for safety of both process installations and machinery. The legal requirements are explained and translated to practical guidelines for life cycle safety. It is seldom that safety is related to one component or situation so a safety analysis is the basis for implementation of the measures for a safe and healthy installation and working environment.

These courses are available in Dutch, English, German and French

Course Developer: John van Leeuwen

John has 30 years of experience in the process industry and has provided many technical training sessions to major players in the Oil & Gas industry, whether end-users, suppliers or engineering contractors.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of Explosion Protection techniques and SIL, John also has experience in Foundation Fieldbus & Industrial Networks, Wireless communication, Surge protection and Process control; he can provide you with training and consultancy services in these areas.

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