Commercial training


We aim to understand and engage with our clients, to act as a valued partner to their organisation and to use our expertise in industry, business and people development, to make a tangible difference.

Focussing on the real issues, we help both local and global organisations achieve their aims by training and developing their people and helping to measure success. We focus on the performance of all the teams and individuals within the organisation or company, including of course management and customer facing teams.


Our core activity is to help develop leaders, managers and all those involved in delivering any part of an organisation’s customer experience.

We offer a range of tailored and bespoke training and development programmes, tools and services that will achieve our client’s desired goals; these all follow our "Development Complete" process.

"Development Complete" is a robust, 3-step process that underpins our guaranteed results. In the research phase we identify the outcomes, outputs, current status and needs of the business and target audience. This enables us to define the best solution, which could range from a one-day workshop to a 12 month programme involving a range of learning methods including group sessions, coaching, projects, qualifications and online reporting tools.

We then deliver the solution by getting under the skin of our clients to fully understand their organisation and their industry. We focus on the real issues and then design our learning solutions for lasting impact and results.

Measurement takes place continuously, not just at the end of a training programme. We use a range of tools to measure various levels of impact from individuals, teams, managers and ultimately the business. We offer these courses in the Netherlands and Belgium in both Dutch and English.


Our Commercial Training courses use material and techniques developed by The Mdina Partnership , a leading company in the field of bespoke training. We have used their services as a customer for many years and we are now proud to be their strategic partner in the Netherlands.

Please contact us with details of the commercial training courses we can help you with

Interesting statistics

In 2011, the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) conducted research* into 250 large organisations and here are some of the key findings of the report:

  • 92% of coached managers saw their own performance improve
  • 96% of organisations saw benefits to the individual
  • 95% of those surveyed saw benefits to the organisation as a whole

This echoes our experience where coaching forms part of a team development programme or a series of individual coaching session.