Interim Management

Interim management

Sometimes companies, even the most successful ones find themselves short of the necessary management power to handle all of the work that needs to be done. This could be due to too many things happening at the same time, a sudden departure due to illness or death, or perhaps lack of a person with the suitable skills (e.g. language) to handle a particular task. It all comes down to not having the right person for the job at the time and an Interim Manager is often a practical and efficient solution to the problem. The use of an Interim Manager can also be a more economical solution in certain cases such as an IPO/MBO or takeover.

The benefits of using an Interim Manager are many; Speed (you are looking for a person to do one job, not a long term employee), Expertise (buying in just the skills you need for the task), Objectivity (no existing relationships, a fresh independent approach) and Accountability/Commitment (your IM has a defined task/timescale that has to be respected and needs a happy client that will refer him to others afterwards)

When we are approached to take on a IM role we will do so in a structured manner so that everyone knows what needs to happen and the progress of the project. This starts with understanding the client’s objectives, analysing and diagnosing the problem and making a proposal. Once accepted we move on to implementing what needs to happen with continuous liaison and evaluation. At the end of the project we will evaluate with you what has been achieved and that you are happy with the result.

The next time you are short of the right person to do a job that needs to be done, please contact us for more details of our Interim Management Services.