Project Management

Project Pursuit Consultancy

Business today is an international affair and very few companies can be said to operate purely within their national boundaries. Many companies are themselves part of international corporations operating worldwide and even the smaller companies now look further afield when sourcing services or materials. This means that those companies wanting to sell products to such companies also have operate internationally if they are to be successful.

When it comes to a major project such as the building of a major offshore structure (platform, FPSO etc) or a new pharmaceutical plant, the different players in the project; end user, engineering contractor and equipment suppliers may all be in different countries or on different continents. Any company wanting to win business on such a project must successfully coordinate the activities of their sales teams if they are to succeed. Unfortunately not all companies are set up in such a way for this to happen and internal problems such as self interest, lack of proper communication or poor leadership can get in the way of success.

To win a project, you need to

  • Correctly identify the key decision makers and their sphere of influence
  • Identify the competition
  • Define a strategy that will win the project at the best price
  • Communicate the plan to the team and monitor their actions, modifying the plan where necessary
  • All of this across many geographical and language barriers

This is where Pontconsult can help. With our many years of experience we know how to put together International Project Pursuit plans that really work. We can either take over the role of Project Pursuit Director for you or work alongside your teams to develop a system that will work for your company. We can show you how we have successfully used software packages such as Lotus Notes™ or Sharepoint™ to manage projects for other companies or we can help you develop solutions based on the package you currently use.

We of course realise that by working with us you will be sharing sensitive information but you can be sure of our complete confidentiality, any information gained about the project will remain 100% confidential and not be shared by anyone other than your Project Consultant without your express permission.

Contact us now to see how we can help you help your business.